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In order to assist you, we list below many common questions and answers. Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime for you all your questions and queries.

Q. Why do I need a vehicle tracking system?
A. Vehicle tracking is proven as a business tool. It has helped many business owners and managers control costs and improve efficiencies. Vehicle tracking reduces overtime, eliminates theft, and increases efficiency of deliveries. It verifies your drivers and vehicles are doing what they say they are doing. If you are running a business that has vehicles, a tracking solution is a "must have" to remain competitive in your industry.

Q. Can I see all my fleet from any location ?
A. Yes, you can see your whole fleet 24hrs per day from any location worldwide from any PC with internet access.

Q. Can I access my vehicle fleet history ?
A. Yes, your system allows instant access to all reports including the vehicle history for unlimited periods. So if you need to see an incident reported from day one of the system installation, it is all there at the click of a button.

Q. Are there any monthly fees involved?
A. There are no monthly fees applicable with the software once purchased and installed.

Q. In what form does the travel information appear?
A. The software displays the complete route of the vehicle by displaying it on-screen, or the route may be printed out.

Q. Does the system only cover the United Kingdom?
A. No, the system also covers mainland Europe and other areas.

Q. Can the system be set up to alert me of vehicles straying out of area?
A. Yes, the system has an out of area alert function that can easily be set up to cater for individual vehicle restrictions.