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Vehicle Tracking

Locate Security offer powerful real-time GPS/GPRS Vehicle Tracking Systems for UK and European Businesses.

Vehicle Tracking has never been easier to achieve throughout the UK and Europe. GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems combine the power of GPS with our own Vehicle Tracking System technology to companies and individuals alike, providing the ability to track and monitor their vehicles. Our system is web based and so you can see your whole fleet from any computer and from any location instantly.

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Businesses can now protect their cars, vans, trucks and plant from theft, or monitor progress to keep clients informed of delivery status of current orders.

The Global Positioning System (GPS)is a global navigation orbiting system of satellites and their ground stations. Originally launched and maintained by the US Military, these satellites send signals to a gps receiver to calculate positions to within approximately 3 meters or less of vehicles fitted with a GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

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  • Flexibility : Can be used by any computer from any location.24 hrs/Day and 7 days a week. No special software required.

  • Multi-Vehicle tracking : All vehicles in your fleet can be seen on screen at the same time

  • Realtime : Position updates every 60 seconds

  • Reporting and Alerts :

    Curfew Alerts - Instant notification if a vehicle moves outside permitted hours

    Speeding Alerts - Automatically sends SMS, Text or e-mail together with screen “pop-ups” notifying you of drivers exceeding speed limits.

  • Security : Supports recovery of stolen vehicle, or watch progress of vehicle on-route with 60 second updates.

  • Goods in Transit Alert : Reports on unscheduled usage of power operated equipment during a journey.

  • Exception Reports : Gives accurate details of all activities outside prescribed limits.

  • Power Take Off Reports : Reports on usage of on-board equipment when in use e.g. Hiab, Tail-Lift, Temperature, Panic Alarm Etc.

  • Journey History : Each journey is recorded and archived to the main server for an unlimited time and can be accessed instantly.

  • Risk Management features : Many of our reports will assist with legal compliance responsibilities including European Working Time Directive, Duty of Care Act and Health and Safety Regulations.